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The Most Quirky and Funny Gift Exchange Ideas

What white elephant presents do you need to bring to this year's holiday party white elephant exchange? There is nothing wrong with chuckling and making light of things. When you get a present, you never know what will make you laugh until you think of something humorous. We've got everything right here for you, so feel free to take advantage of it.

Find the funniest, most unique white elephant gifts for everyone on your list and more of funny gift exchange ideas to send to your friends and members of your family. Some of these funny gifts have a twist that makes them even funnier, while others are weird and bizarre. But they all have the same thing: they will all make you laugh.

After all, gifts that make you laugh are some of the bests. There are some suggestions below. You need not be concerned since you have arrived at the correct location; nothing can go wrong with what we offer on funny things to send to your friends.

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1. Toilet Timer

Well every home has a person who takes so long to come out of the bathroom, and keep others waiting and going crazy. Well, this is the best elephant gift ever. This bathroom timer will keep them in the bathroom only as long as it is needed, not to keep scrolling, on their phone instead of you know doing it. This timer will give them exact 5 minutes to get done, and let others get in.

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2. Toilet Time Golf Game

This one is for those who spends half of their time at home, spends it in the bathroom. Well in case you ever forget your phone in the room before going to the bathroom, this toilet time golf game wont lt you get bored while you poop, you won’t have to go to a fancy golf area just play in the bathroom as you poop. Enjoy your time in the bathroom playing your favorite game.

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3. Gag Fanny Pack

Do you know what to gift your dad on holidays this year when he is a huge beer fan too? A fanny bag, a perfect gag gift that will for sure make your uncle laugh. Now you can tell him it is time he should wear it proudly. This fanny bag holds everything essential, such as a wallet, keys, cash, phone, and more if he dares to wear it. Or maybe even a beer can..

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4. Kama Pootra

You know what happens when the bathroom door closes and a brand-new experience awaits. Kama Pootra is the poop gag gift for guys who loves to fart. Let us introduce you to the ancient Art of Poo. This holiday, give your guy fifty-two perfect ways to poop.

You will not believe how many ways there are to poo, and this book is the ultimate guide on how to poo in the best way possible. Teach your men about this book, and it will be the best of funny gift exchange ideas gift ever.

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5. Naughty Pigs Salt and pepper Shaker Set

These cute naught pigs shaker will definitely give good laughs while you all sit to eat dinner, passing the salt shaker with a funny giggle. Your gift exchange will be quite the spectacle with this gift that will be sure to cause quite the stir. Nobody will want to be stuck with it.

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6. Burrito Blanket

Wrap them up in their favorite food with this giant burrito blanket. It is a perfect gift to gift on holidys. When they are in love with Mexican food, they will love to have this burrito blanket, yet it will give them a good laugh whenever he looks at it.

Choose from four different sizes from 47 inches to 80 inches – and this round high-quality fleece blanket will keep them as

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7. Borat Mankini

Do you know your man is the one for you when the moment he sees this gift, he bursts out laughing and even tries it on to you to show you how much he loves this gag gift? This funny gift exchange, make your man the happiest with his Borat Mankini. He would not be expecting it at all, you know, have the right man when he shows you how he looks in it. It is the most funniest gag gifts ever in existence.

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8. BareBum Thong PJs

It is a perfect gift for thong lovers, and dare to bare your thong with these naughty yet unique Pajamas. This is a perfect holiday gift for him and a cover-up for his hairy bum. It is made of 100% polyester jersey fabric, which is very comfortable, and it is a relaxed fit. The back elastic creates the perfect fit with the drawstring tie. It is the best gift for thong lovers. Your man can wear it on Halloween or at a costume party as well. It will give a great laugh. Funny printed unisex pajama pants for him.

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9. Cat Butt Magnets

Anyone who is a cat lover in your family will be so happy to receive this on Holidays this year. This is such a cute, yet fun gift for cat lovers; these cat butt magnets are really the cutest and look so funny. It will give a good laugh when anyone sees them randomly sticking on the fridge like that. Anyone would be happy to get this fun gift.

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10. Pure Milk Chocolate Buttholes

This one is for those who have a really weird yet funny sense of humor; it gives a whole weird new meaning to eating if you know what I meant. This chocolate is the best treat, but with the naughty spin, it makes it even more fun, and it will be a perfect gag gift that will leave you in tears for real.

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11. Booty Planters

This is a perfect birthday gift that anyone with a booty would love to have it. It's evident from these planters that people come in all shapes and sizes, and that also applies to butts.

The cheeky handmade planters come in thirteen different colors it, and includes sparkles and four different sizes.

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