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Top 30 Laughable and Funny Things to Send to Your Friends and Family in 2022

Want to make your friends and family happy? How about doing it funnily, funny things to send to your friends? Making time with friends and family happy and seeing them laugh over something you did brings such great joy, so gift them something unusual because A bit of humor and novelty jokes go a long way. It always makes you smile whenever you think of something funny because nobody expects it to be funny when receiving a gift. We have provided it for you down below.

Find the funniest, most unique gifts for everyone on your list and more funny things to send to your friends and members of your family. Some of these funny gifts have a twist that makes them even funnier, while others are weird and bizarre. But they all have the same thing: they will all make you laugh.

After all, gifts that make you laugh are some of the bests. There are some suggestions below. You need not be concerned since you have arrived at the correct location; nothing can go wrong with what we offer on funny things to send to your friends.

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1. Novelty Grow A Boyfriend

If your friend is tired of her man sitting in front of a TV all the time. Watching sports and not paying enough attention to yourself? Well, this is how you get yours back, an easy, affordable, quirky-as-heck, and the best part, no talk-back solution is this present Grow a Boyfriend.

Drop this “Grow your boyfriend” into the water, and within 72 hours, it will grow to be six times his original size, the best gift, and it will make your boyfriend too now that you have got another.

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2. Swear Word Coloring Book

This is such a perfect funny gift to take all your frustration out in a significant art form, nobody is going to know, and you will be relieved yourself too. Gift it to your friends who go crazy when they are frustrated, and this will be the best way to let it out. It has around 27 pages filled with cursing words along with animals. Let it all out. No judgments.

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3. Jar of pickled bums

Our cheeky pickled rear ends are the perfect gag and goofiest gift anyone would ever gift. These pickled buttocks are the perfect gift for men or women, for bachelorette parties, or to be funny, and you can gift anybody that, and they will love it for sure.

The pickled bum jars are made of high-quality glass and are 3.5 inches tall. Please keep in mind that pickled bums are made by hand, so that the skin tones may be a little different. These pickled bums in jars are a fun novelty gift for them, and they also make great Secret Santa gifts. On Father's Day, they are also a lot of fun.

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4. Bag of Unicorn Farts

Such a cute yet goofy edible unicorn farts, it is actually a sugary-sweet treat which for sure promises "a rainbow of smiles." It is the cutest gift for unicorn lovers, and will make them laugh for sure when they receive these delightful sugary farts

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5. Public Toilet Survival Kit

Your female friends will be thrilled to get this because female hygiene is an essential thing. Every female creeps out because of the public toilet. This survival kit will come in handy. It contains a seat cover, disposable latex gloves, and antiseptic wipes, the best kit you could give your woman. Very important for a woman's hygiene. It is definitely a must-have.

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6. Calm the F*ck Down

You can gift this to those who need to calm the beep down. This book is such a great way to calm yourself down without annoying anybody with your issue, it will definitely relieve your inner stress and make you feel better, and when you are done with it, Voila, you are left with a piece of art which later you can even frame.

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7. Belly Button lint brush

Well, this is something your friends would never ever expect to get as a present, would they? This is a belly button lint brush, one of the best gag gifts ever. This masterpiece comes in several colors, and it is indeed very soft. It will 100% get a good laugh out of your friends who happen to own everything, and we are pretty darn sure they would never have this.

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8. Pizza Socks

With this not so edible gift, you would not need a fancy wrapping to wince. It comes with a box itself. You can easily fool the gift recipient when they catch a glimpse of this cut pizza box and get at least the four pairs of yummiest dressing of socks inside, which looks exactly like an authentic pizza slice.

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9. Nap Sack

This is such a perfect prank gift; they will keep guessing what an awful gift he gifted me, but when they open it, they will indeed be surprised by it when you’ve bought them another. A perfect prank gift indeed.

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10. GlowBowl Toilet Nightlight

It is a gift for you; know the ones who spill it everywhere. The midnight hassle of running towards the bathroom and when you turn the light on, it is like you are staring into the sun and how it ruins your sleep, worry no less. The best present you could ever give to someone, this nightlight can easily fit into any toilet in no time, and it comes in a variety of colors.

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11. Disturbed Friends Game

This game is for the brave ones, and the faint-hearted should not play it at all. There are around 250 questions posed; many people considered it very offensive and quite disturbing, according to people opinion who have played it before, so the strategy involves a vote amongst all your friends to determine the strategies during unexpected bad situations.  So, test, be prepared and explore.

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12. Kama Pootra

You know what happens when the bathroom door closes and a brand-new experience awaits. Kama Pootra is the poop gag gift for your friends who love to fart no matter where they are. Let us introduce you to the ancient Art of Poo. Make your friends’ day by giving them fifty-two perfect ways to poop.

You will not believe how many ways there are to poo, and this book is the ultimate guide on how to poo in the best way possible. Teach your friends about this book, and it will be the best present they have ever received.

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13. Best Farter Ever Mug

This one is for every dad out there. He will laugh the moment he unboxes this funny mug, but only until he sees it closely and realizes the truth behind its sentiment. It is such a perfect gift for dads to make them happy every time he drinks.

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14. "Bra Off, Hair Up" Wine Glass

This is one of the best and perfect gifts for just about every woman or girl on Earth; this is a  wine glass best outlines the first thing she does when she steps into her house. If you want to make her even happier, well, you should pair it with her favorite wine bottle and consider it her survival kit.

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15. Cookbook for hungover

When your friends get drunk, this cookbook will be everything they need to know to overcome and understand a hangover is right here; these dozens of unique and most accessible recipes will help your friends feel better; it is a clever way to ease your mind when it is spinning around, and you cannot think straight, the quizzes in it will help you think better.

Hangovers always bring their victims to a point they need to track the progress they are in objectivity, and this cookbook can make people more aware of their bodies, make them more willing to eat things they usually wouldn't and make them want to learn more about the mind's weird tricks.

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16. Butt Masks

Who would not want their butt to be beautiful and smooth? Well, this butt mask is for girls and guys, too, because we are all well aware of guys who happen to have really hairy butt who actually needs a little well a lot of grooming; this mask will make their cheeks smooth and happy.

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17. Mom Battery Low T-shirt

This is one of the best T-shirts you can gift your mom, it is relatable, and we bet she feels that way all the time…well, this is the best excuse for all moms out there in need of a very deserving break: "Sorry, I can't talk right now. My battery is dead.”

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18. Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Cutest yet funniest gift ever. Your friends and family are going to love this gag gift, and it is actually a super cute cat with a very huge butt, which will give you a surprise if you turn it around. There's a tissue coming out of the cat's butt, and it will definitely give a good laugh whenever you see it. A perfect gag gift.

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19. Fuck T-Shirt

These “Fuck” t-shirts are a very relatable, it goes with everything and will look dope as well. These t-shirts are unisex, and they fit great on both men and women.

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20. Offensive Pens

Gift these to your friend who is a workaholic. It is an excellent pen collection, especially when your friend would be having an off day at work. These pens will definitely light their mood yet make everybody around them aware of what they are feeling. Such a perfect stationary gag gift.

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21. BareBum Thong PJs

It is a perfect gift for your friends who are thong lovers and dare to bare their thongs with these funny yet unique Pajamas. This is a perfect gift for them and a cover-up for their hairy bum. It is made of 100% polyester jersey fabric, which is very comfortable, and it is a relaxed fit. The back elastic creates the perfect fit with the drawstring tie. It is the best gift for thong lovers. Your friends can wear it on Halloween or at a costume party as well. It will give a great laugh. Funny printed unisex pajama pants for friends.

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22. Saturday Night Live - The Board Game

Perfect games for gathering at ho weekends. This SNL game will bring all the fun, frolic, and mayhem of the past few decades into the living room, making game night feel like Saturday Night Live.

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23. Pure Milk Chocolate Buttholes

This one is for those who have a really cringy and weird, yet funny sense of humor; it gives a whole weird new meaning to eating if you know what I meant. This chocolate is the best treat to gift your friends who act indeed like an ass and would not mind eating one! But with the cringy spin, it makes it even more fun, and it will be a perfect funny gift that will leave them in tears for real.

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24. Calm The F Down Bath Bomb Bag

This is a gift for a friend who needs to "calm the f*ck down" with these bath salts. Choose from four bright colors and scents, like pink, white tea, and jasmine, and let her relax in the swirling colors.

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25. Cat Butt Magnets

This is such a cute, yet fun gift for cat lovers; these cat butt magnets are really the cutest and look so funny. It will give a good laugh when anyone sees them randomly sticking on the fridge like that. Anyone would be happy to get this fun gift.

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